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This tub is for the lowest of budgets costing only £30 for a weekend hire and £40 for a week. Why so cheap? You may ask.
Unlike other tubs we hire, this tub is only for use in hot weather, as it does not retain heat for more than 10 minutes with the blower on and does not have a very good reliability rating (after 12 months testing see tub facts)

Aimed at those on a lower budget, costing £45 for a weekend hire and £70 for a week, this tub, although insulated will only remain at a comfortable temperature for 15 minutes with the air blower on with an average reliability rating (after 12 months testing, see tub facts)

haliburton-spaThis tub is again good for those on a low budget, costing £55 for a weekend and £80 for a week. This tub is very similar to the other budget tubs, limiting bathing to only 20 minutes before cooling to discomfort, with the blower on (after 12 months testing, see tub facts)

The RIO Spa is a solid tub in construction and affordable costing only £120 for a weekend and £150 for a week the Rio Spa gives you a bathing time of 1 hour before it is to cold but can be topped up with hot water for longer bathing the Rio has a good reliability rating.

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