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How Long Will The Tub Stay Hot?

Hire A Tub hot tub hire listens to our customers and have spent 18 months finding out the difference between hire hot tubs.  The most common complaint from the hire consumer was tubs not maintaining heat for very long.


All of our low budget hot tubs are air blower tubs. These tubs do not have any internal pipe work, which enables them to be packed away. This is a great advantage to product portability but unfortunately comes at a cost to the consumer or hire customer. An air blower design tub has a small low power circulation pump, which keeps water clean via a filter and heated via a 1kw heater. The only way of getting hydrotherapy into the tub is by turning the air blower on. This sends a large amount of air to the bottom of the tub, giving a fantastic hydrotherapy massage, much like a large static hot tub. HOWEVER, a static tub has a 3kw heater and can replace some of the heat loss. The low budget tubs only have a 1kw heater and lose heat dramatically. Upon testing, the temperature of all these tubs had dropped below 34 degrees c after 20 minutes, and the Lazy Spa after only 10 minutes, as it does not have any insulation. Testing the Haliburton spa we found that by turning the air blower on for one minute every 5 minutes that it would maintain temperature for 35 minutes. All of these models took a long time to reheat with the Haliburton being the best, taking 7 hours to heat up 8 degrees.


All of our other hot tubs are solid in construction, very high in insulation, have to be transported on a trailer but are what we consider to be proper spas. Of a completely different design to the air blower tubs, a significantly larger pump via a filter powers these tubs.  The water is better circulated, stays a lot cleaner and this pump powers 7-16 hydrotherapy jets positioned around the spa. Each jet has air drawn into it via a pipe to the control panel, which creates the ultimate massage for each person sat in the tub. This drawn air does not cool the water anything like as much as the air blower. Upon testing, all of these tubs lasted at least 1 hour without dropping more than 2 degrees. One of these tubs also has an air blower, which, if switched on, will cool the tub in less than an hour. The 4/5 seater Softub came out on top time and time again, lasting 3 to 4 hours at a comfortable temperature. Amazingly this tub has a heat exchanger on the pump motor, not an electric heater, using a third of the power of all the other tubs and has a very large amount of insulation. the larger 6/8 seater Softub did cool a little quicker, in 2.5 to 3 hours. This is because of its sheer size; it will naturally cool quicker than a 4 seater. The Rio spa reheated the quickest, gaining 7 degrees in 6 hours, the 4/5 seater Softub 7 degrees in 7 hours and the Softub 6/8 seater 7 degrees in 8 hours.